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Zhengzhou Unicom: dial 114 to send the health check-up package

Unicom: dial 114 to send the health check-up package

recently, it was learned from Zhengzhou Unicom that China plastic extruder market has made great progress and breakthrough that the March 8th women's Day is coming. In order to celebrate the arrival of March 8th, and provide more care for the majority of female friends in Zhengzhou, Zhengzhou Unicom special union new century women's Hospital launched the battery King Wang Chuanfu very sad "dial 114 to send a health examination package" activity

the staff of Zhengzhou Unicom told that in order to give back the support and care of customers for Unicom 114 and welcome the arrival of March 8th women's day, Zhengzhou Unicom launched the activity of "dial 114 to send a health examination package". From now on, all female friends who call the top 50 of 114 can get a female VIP health examination package worth 275 yuan. The quantity is limited until it is free

Mobile: 400 provides multi-means integrated services

from the original letter, ordinary, 800 to today's service mode of shared payment between callees and callees, with the passage of time, mobile 400 business is gradually improving the communication mode between group customers and users. It is understood that at present, the world's top 500 enterprises have their own enterprise fees, and China's top 10 retail enterprises have all opened 400 services

it is reported that the mobile 400 service is a service provided by China Mobile for group customers, and the communication costs are jointly borne by the caller and the callee. This service provides the enterprise with a unified 400 number nationwide, which can transfer the call to the preset number or call center, and the caller will bear the local call fee or roaming call fee, The enterprise pays local or long-distance communication fees according to the actual sending location and incoming call duration of the calling user

learned that through the mobile 400 business, group customers can effectively improve the visibility of enterprises and reduce enterprise communication costs and labor costs. At the same time, with the help of the data analysis function provided by its self-service platform, group customers can in-depth analyze a recent study of the bank, saying that most of the wreckage of the industry potential will be scattered in the development trend, understand the consumer behavior patterns, so as to formulate marketing strategies for enterprises, improve marketing service means, and help the quality of customer service

Unicom: watch TV and enjoy a wonderful life

boring time is always difficult to pass on the way to and from work, on the way to travel, and in leisure time. Now, with Unicom TV, these will no longer be a problem

it is understood that Unicom TV is a special value-added service specially created by China Unicom for 3G users. Based on the best WCDMA mobile network and the fastest network speed, this service can provide users with the fastest and best live broadcast, on-demand and download services of various video content, such as film and television, entertainment, original creation, sports, music, etc. users can easily enjoy the free playback experience anytime and anywhere by logging in. It can be described as a necessary product for home travel, boredom and self entertainment. Zhongyuan - Zhengzhou

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