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The export of Jianglu tower crane bucked the trend and rose by 10% in the first half of the year

the export of Jianglu tower crane bucked the trend and rose by 10% in the first half of the year

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in the first half of this year, the export turnover of Jianglu import and export company was $5.537 million, an increase of 10% over the same period last year; The export delivery value was 3.522 million US dollars, an increase of 1.3% over the same period last year; The export sales revenue was 18.95 million yuan, an increase of 9.7% over the same period last year

how should we view this result? How to understand the current export situation of tower crane? To answer this question, we need scientific and rational data analysis. Let's first study the export of tower cranes in the whole industry in 2014

in 2014, China's tower crane industry exported a total of 353million US dollars (excluding 109million US dollars from Botan manitowak Zhangjiagang base), which is about 11.5% of the total domestic market sales. A total of 365 enterprises exported tower cranes, including Chinese construction companies that purchased tower cranes from China and carried them out of the country for construction, of which 6 exported more than 10million US dollars. Zoomlion ranked first with exports of US $49 million, followed by Fushun Yongmao with us $42.5 million, followed by Shandong Guohong with us $19.59 million, Sichuan construction with us $17.12 million, Hangzhou Jiepai with us $15.36 million and Harbin Dongjian with us $10.29 million. A total of 13 enterprises export more than 5million US dollars

at present, only the statistical data from January to may can be seen in this year's data. From the statistical data from January to may, the export volume decreased slightly compared with last year. This result is consistent with the international economic situation this year. The statistics of China's total export volume from January to may also reflect this point. The total export volume of Xiangtan foreign trade enterprises in the first half of 2015 decreased significantly compared with last year. At present, China's economic development has entered the new normal, with the growth rate adjusted from a high-speed growth of two digits to a medium high-speed growth of about 7%. This is an active adjustment led by the government, with the purpose of promoting structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading, and achieving sustainable scientific development. Even this growth rate is one of the highest in the world. In contrast, due to the impact of China's economic growth entering the new normal, the international economy is still depressed. The economic growth of the United States has been weak, the European debt crisis is still worsening, and the currencies of developing countries have depreciated and fluctuated against the US dollar. All this has a direct impact on exports. Therefore, it is normal for macro exports to decline slightly in the first half of this year compared with last year. Of course, the international economic situation is relatively stable on the whole, and there will be no ups and downs. The average growth rate below% is low, more than 4% is high, and 2% - 3% is normal. Last year, the average growth rate of the international economy was about 1.8%. The reason why some comrades feel that the export situation of the tower crane industry this year seems to be better than that of domestic sales is that the total domestic demand has shrunk by a larger margin than exports. The decline is only a little larger. However, the skinny camel is bigger than the horse, and the total sales volume in the domestic market is still far from the total export volume, but different enterprises have different feelings

at present, the annual average growth rate of the consumption of wood plastic composites in China is as high as 30%. Why will the export of tower cranes at Jianglu in the first half of this year increase slightly compared with last year? There are four main reasons for this

first, our base is too low. On the whole, the international economy is relatively stable. International capital will always find investment depressions. If this place goes down, another place will rise again. However, compared with other manufacturers, our factory's anti Strike ability in the export of civilian products is very fragile. Before 1997, the export of civilian products at the foot of the river had reached 10million US dollars, monopolizing the top of the industry. The Asian financial crisis broke out in 1997, and the export volume of other major domestic tower crane export manufacturers fell only in 1997 and 1998. In 1999, it recovered to the level of 1996 through information, computer, big data, cloud computing and other technologies. We have almost stopped exporting in the past seven years. After 2003, we started again and gradually caught up, with an annual export volume of 20million US dollars, keeping pace with Yongmao, Sichuan construction and Zoomlion, and once again leading the industry. In October, 2009, the international financial crisis broke out, and the export volume of major manufacturers decreased significantly in 2010, but they basically recovered to the level of 2008 and 2009 in 2011, and increased to 3000 year by year. More than US $million, more than US $40 million. The total export volume of CSCEC will also be about US $30million if the newly born Sichuan strong market share is added. And we have never recovered, falling from $20million to $23 million for several consecutive years. Now, although we have come out of the bottom, the base is still very low compared with the major manufacturers in the industry, and the gap is very large. Therefore, it is normal to continue to grow. If we don't want to quit, we should also grow

second, the import and export companies have achieved results in market recovery in the past two years. Taking customers as the center, we should not shout slogans, but do a good job in a down-to-earth manner. One of the most important things is to do a good job in after-sales service. An important part of after-sales service is the supply of accessories. Accessories should not be used as a tool for companies or individuals to make money, but as services. If you set the price of accessories very high, you will not make money and will seriously affect the subsequent sales and business quality. Since 2013, we have significantly reduced the price of accessories by 30%-50% from the company level. We purchase accessories with reliable quality and reasonable price and supply them to customers at prices acceptable to the market. It not only fundamentally eliminates the interest drive of personal business accessories, but also saves customers, and also eliminates the error reporting of personal distribution software at the expense of the company's interests; At this time, the benefits of the host business risks. In Indonesia, a customer bought a Jianglu tower crane in the 1990s. The hydraulic coupling and cycloid pinwheel reducer were broken and could not find the accessories for a long time. We helped him find the original accessories and strictly earned only 20% of the profits. After repairing the old tower, the customer bought two new towers. Last year, we sent four tower cranes to the United Arab Emirates, which seriously affected the image of the factory and caused great losses to customers due to their rusty appearance and wrong delivery. We spent more than 300000 yuan on replacement and reinstallation. After the tower crane was put into use, because the electric control system replaced Schneider relays (60 yuan/piece) with miscellaneous relays, the work was very abnormal, and caused the lifting frequency converter (worth more than 50000 yuan) to burn out. We also spent more than 10000 yuan to fly the frequency converter from Wuhan to Dubai. In order to solve this problem, we sent people to the construction site twice and spent more than 30000 yuan on travel expenses. After finding the reason, we bought Siemens' relays in Dubai and replaced all the original relays, which completely solved the problem. This year, this customer has a demand for bulk procurement. Under the situation of widespread opposition at the grass-roots level and gradual pressure from competitors, the senior executives still informed us to go to Dubai for an interview and were willing to give us another opportunity. Of course, we can't make the last low-level mistake again. In retrospect, the eight jl7030 tower cranes delivered last month were really hard won

third, actively communicate and coordinate with the technical department to combine new products with market competitiveness. Our products have been designed too conservatively for a long time, with high cost and weak competitiveness. In order to get the order, we actively negotiate with the technical department and plan together to redesign competitive new products through the optimal combination of different models, supplemented by a small amount of improvement. Take qtz280 as an example, the cost performance of this product is very poor. The maximum lifting capacity is the same as that of qtz200, which is 12 tons. The three mechanisms and electric control system are also exactly the same as that of qtz200. The arm length is 70 meters, but the arm end lifting weight is 3.2 tons and 2 tons, but the price difference is more than 200000 yuan (equivalent to the price of more than 60 tons of steel). We require the technical department to properly strengthen the steel structure based on qtz200 to meet the requirement of 3 tons of 70 meter crane, but the increased cost must be controlled within 50000 yuan. In this way, the improved new jl7030 is on the same competitive platform as the products of other manufacturers. We also patiently persuaded the financial department to instill market awareness into them and not to increase prices indiscriminately. The comrades in the reloading finance department have an inertial thinking that is seriously disconnected from the market. As long as the product is slightly improved, they think it is a technology leader, they can sell technology, and they can raise prices everywhere. As everyone knows, other people's performance has come to the front of us. You can't sell it without making some improvement. Improvement is just to keep up with the pace. If you take it for granted, you will be cut off from the market again. Take jl5510 as an example. In the past, everyone used to lift a ton with a 55 meter arm length, but now everyone has extended it to lift a ton with a 57 meter arm length. We also lengthened the arm by 2 meters, increasing the cost by more than 1000 yuan. The financial department thought we were the best in the world again, and the price increased by 30000 yuan. I said you were looking for death. In order to be different from the previous products, our selling price is only increased by 800 US dollars, so I only agree to increase 5000 yuan for the reinstallation company. Finally, they accepted my opinion. In the first half of this year, we exported five jl5710 tower cranes. If the price increases by 30000 yuan (about 5000 dollars), one set cannot be sold

fourth, it has received the full support of the leaders of the group company. As China's economy further entered the new normal, the world economy continued to be depressed and volatile. The international prices of oil, iron ore, copper, aluminum, steel and other bulk materials fell sharply by about 50%, and correspondingly, the prices of tower cranes on the market fell by 20% - 30%. This cannot be understood as others' price reduction and dumping, but the law of value. The sharp decline in raw material prices is a return to normality from huge profits, and the decline in tower crane prices is due to the decline in manufacturing costs. In this sense, the decline in the total amount of imports and exports is not entirely equal to the simultaneous decline in the number. For example, in the past, 100 dollars could not import a barrel of crude oil, but now 100 dollars can import two barrels of crude oil. For various reasons, the price of our tower crane cannot be reduced, or the price reduction of foreign trade companies is far from the market, which seriously restricts the transaction. The reloading company hopes that the contract of the foreign trade company can be paid back well and the settlement price is high. Although we can understand it, is there only Jianglu production tower crane in the world? The false high price and serious disengagement from the market are equivalent to depriving oneself of the qualification of market access, which in turn worsens the business condition of the heavy equipment company. Since this year, the leaders of the group company have been very concerned about foreign trade work, and will be put into production and listed in the near future. They often ask for foreign trade information. At the critical moment of large order transaction, the leaders of the company, especially chairman Li Gangli, always lend us a helping hand in time, give us full support, personally coordinate the price, and tell us to try to sign the order back so that the workers can work. Under the interference of chairman Li, we finally reached a settlement agreement with the reloading company. Based on the old price list before 2014, the reloading company will allow us 10 points in general and 12 points in special cases. If it really needs 15 points to make a deal, it is up to them to decide or sign the order after the chairman makes a decision. The biggest obstacle on our work path has been cleared, and we can grab a small number of orders from the market. In the first half of this year, without the personal intervention and decisive decision of chairman Li, the foreign trade of civil products at the foot of the Yangtze River would have been disastrous

with the joint efforts of everyone, the exports of civilian products at the foot of the river did not decline in the first half of the year, and increased against the trend, but we should not have the mentality that foreign trade is easy to do, let alone retreat passively in supporting foreign trade. This is absolutely

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